President Lincoln Dies, Andrew Johnson Sworn in as New President

At 7:22 a.m., a surgeon general announced that President Abraham Lincoln was dead. This unfortunate news first reached those who waited outside the house as doctors attended to Lincoln. His body was transported in a hearse to the White House at 9:30 a.m where he lay in a coffin wrapped in the American flag. He was escorted by a small cavalry guard while other military officers marched on foot. Police are still in pursuit of President Lincoln’s assassin—John Wilkes Booth.

Before noon, Andrew Johnson, President Lincoln’s vice president, was sworn in as the new President of the United States. Salmon P. Chase, the Chief Justice of the United States, conducted the ceremony.

At noon, President Johnson arranged a meeting at the treasury building to speak with cabinet members. Along with affirming that he’d be making no changes, he also reported on the condition of Secretary of State William Seward, saying that he’d recover but announcing that William Hunter would fill Seward’s shoes while he recovered.

After gathering reporters, police later discovered that there had also been an attempted assassination on Secretary of State William Seward on the same Friday night. A man showed up to Seward’s home claiming to be delivering drugs. After striking Seward’s son, Frederick, the man rushed into Secretary Seward’s room and slit his throat with a knife. Although Seward has sustained serious injuries, he’s expected to live.

Police and witness reports provide a clearer view into what really occurred within the last 24 hours.

It all began after a loud crack disrupted the Ford’s Theatre showing of  “Our American Cousin.” Furthering the confusion in the theatre, a suspicious man, later identified as John Wilkes Booth, jumped from the president’s private box, shouting “Sic temper tyrannis!”

Police then transported President Lincoln to a house across the street, allowing doctors to attend to the president’s severe wounds. After a doctor announced that Lincoln was unlikely to recover, his cabinet members joined his family as they anticipated the worst. After a long night, President Lincoln was announced dead in the morning.

Police reports additionally indicated that the attack on Secretary of State William Seward occurred simultaneously, leaving both Seward and his son, Frederick, the Assistant Secretary of State, injured. According to police, the attack begin with a man obscuring his intentions under the guise of delivering medicine to the Seward residence. Frederick answered the door to address the man.

“Give me the medicine and I’ll take it in to my father,” stated Frederick.

The man then struck Frederick with a gun and rushed into Secretary Seward’s room, taking out a knife and slitting his throat. He rushed out of the house, leaving Seward severely injured. Although Seward sustained serous injuries, the blade missed his major arteries, according to police reports.

Although Seward survived the simultaneous attack, Lincoln’s outcome wasn’t at all desired. Andrew Johnson is now preparing for the presidency. President Abraham Lincoln is dead.


President Lincoln Shot at Ford’s Theatre, Not Likely to Survive

What began as a simple, romantic Friday night outing to the theatre became chaotic after the president sustained a gunshot wound to the head. At 10:15 p.m., a man reportedly snuck into the president and first lady’s private theatre box and shot President Lincoln, leaving him severely injured. Mr. Lincoln is currently in critical condition.

The president and first lady were attending Laura Keene’s performance of “Our American Cousin” when a man gained access into their box which was conveniently positioned above the stage. According to police reports, the man was able to enter by claiming to be a reporter.

What then followed was a gunshot that elicited confusion within the show’s audience. The then unidentified man jumped from the president’s box, shouting “Sic temper tyrannis!”(“Thus ever to tyrants!”-The motto of Virginia). Moments later, President Lincoln could be seen slumped over while Mary Lincoln screamed in horror.

After policemen rushed into the president’s box and carried him out of the theatre, one policeman announced, “the president has been shot.”

The policemen took the president to a house across the street where he remained unconscious. After he was secured and attended to by a doctor, the doctor expressed that he’d been seriously wounded.

“It appears that he may not recover,” announced the doctor.

Police found a single-shot pistol on the floor of the president’s box. They additionally discovered a dagger that the shooter dropped when fleeing the theatre. One man claimed to have seen the suspect jump on a horse and ride away, while Laura Keene claimed to have recognized the shooter. Apparently, he had previously played a role in another play at Ford’s Theatre. His name was John Wilkes Booth.

After further investigation, police found a spur on a man’s boot attached to the flag hanging from President Lincoln’s box. Both the spur and the pistol were later identified as belonging to a renowned actor named John Wilkes Booth.

Along with guarding the house at which Lincoln rested, the army ordered a blockade of all roads leading into and out of the city, as well as shipping traffic. Upon examining President Lincoln, the sergeant major general concluded that because of the bullet that was lodged in the president’s head and the exiting brain matter, he was not expected to live through the night.

The president’s wife, two sons, and entire cabin gathered around his bed as they prepared for the worst. John Wilkes Booth has not yet been detained.

Ford’s Theatre: “Our American Cousin” Twitter Responses

Overview: These tweets highlight my firsthand perspective at the April 14th Ford’s Theatre showing of “Our American Cousin.”


What?! I definitely just saw @AbeLincoln and his wife in a box here at the Ford. #OURAMERICANCOUSIN


Where did that incredibly loud noise come from??? There’s confusion throughout the Theatre!!


A suspicious man just jumped from @AbeLincoln‘s box. Did he just shout “Sic Semper Tyrannis”?!!! Someone explain! #OURAMERICANCOUSIN


WHY IS @AbeLincoln SLUMPED OVER?! His wife appears to be crying and holding him!

I don’t believe what I’m seeing?! @AbeLincoln‘s state of health hasn’t yet been confirmed.


I hope he’s alright. Currently awaiting further updates.


Seven People Injured after Brick Apartment in Allston Catches Fire

At 5:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, the Boston Fire Department reported that 60 people were displaced after a three-story Allston apartment building caught fire. The fire left five firefighters and two bystanders injured.

According to the fire department, the fire, which took place at 812 N 16 Harvard Terrace, started on the rear porch of the brick apartment. Due to the severity of the fire, 60 people, including local Boston University students, were removed from the premises.

Though the Boston Fire Department has roped off a two block radius around the intersection connecting Brighton and Harvard Avenues, emergency services later reported at 9:28 p.m. that the area was secured.

The city building commissioner will be traveling to the apartment today to decide whether it’s safe for the building’s residents to return. However, Boston University has offered housing assistance to the students who were involved. Additionally, the Dean of Students office confirmed that eight Boston University graduate students were displaced by the fire.

The fire has amassed $2 million in preliminary damages. While the Boston Fire Department effectively contained the situation, with no lives lost, they are still investigating how it started.

Elderly Woman Rescued After Brookline Apartment Fire

BROOKLINE- An elderly woman recently survived an apartment building fire after being rescued by some of the city’s finest. At roughly 10:15 p.m. on Monday night, the Brookline Fire Department received a call describing abundant flames bursting from the third floor of the apartment building, which was located on the corner of Powell and Beacon street.

Shortly thereafter, firefighters arrived on the scene at 10:20 p.m, followed by two additional fire trucks and an ambulance. To their benefit, the building appeared to be completely evacuated, but something was missing.

The reason that most of the building’s residents made it to safety was clear—the building’s smoke alarm had been triggered. But the real question the department sought to answer was, where was the source of the fire? Upon conversing with the building’s residents, the fire department learned that there was still an elderly woman inside. She lived on the third floor.

10 firefighters then speedily burst into the front door of the building to find Emily Lounsberry, 81-years-old, lying unconscious in her apartment. She was then carried out of the building and later transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center due to smoke inhalation injuries.

“She was cooking something for her grandchildren who were visiting her the next day,” said one of the firefighters responsible for her rescue.

According to the chief firefighter, Ms. Lounsberry had forgotten to turn off the stove while cooking. This ultimately created the fire which then triggered the building’s smoke alarm, providing its residents enough time to get to safety.

Lounsberry is making a full recovery and is now living with her neighbors. Although she has temporarily lost her apartment, she was pleased to know that her tri-colored cat, Sophia, survived the incident.