Elderly Woman Rescued After Brookline Apartment Fire

BROOKLINE- An elderly woman recently survived an apartment building fire after being rescued by some of the city’s finest. At roughly 10:15 p.m. on Monday night, the Brookline Fire Department received a call describing abundant flames bursting from the third floor of the apartment building, which was located on the corner of Powell and Beacon street.

Shortly thereafter, firefighters arrived on the scene at 10:20 p.m, followed by two additional fire trucks and an ambulance. To their benefit, the building appeared to be completely evacuated, but something was missing.

The reason that most of the building’s residents made it to safety was clear—the building’s smoke alarm had been triggered. But the real question the department sought to answer was, where was the source of the fire? Upon conversing with the building’s residents, the fire department learned that there was still an elderly woman inside. She lived on the third floor.

10 firefighters then speedily burst into the front door of the building to find Emily Lounsberry, 81-years-old, lying unconscious in her apartment. She was then carried out of the building and later transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center due to smoke inhalation injuries.

“She was cooking something for her grandchildren who were visiting her the next day,” said one of the firefighters responsible for her rescue.

According to the chief firefighter, Ms. Lounsberry had forgotten to turn off the stove while cooking. This ultimately created the fire which then triggered the building’s smoke alarm, providing its residents enough time to get to safety.

Lounsberry is making a full recovery and is now living with her neighbors. Although she has temporarily lost her apartment, she was pleased to know that her tri-colored cat, Sophia, survived the incident.



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