Seven People Injured after Brick Apartment in Allston Catches Fire

At 5:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, the Boston Fire Department reported that 60 people were displaced after a three-story Allston apartment building caught fire. The fire left five firefighters and two bystanders injured.

According to the fire department, the fire, which took place at 812 N 16 Harvard Terrace, started on the rear porch of the brick apartment. Due to the severity of the fire, 60 people, including local Boston University students, were removed from the premises.

Though the Boston Fire Department has roped off a two block radius around the intersection connecting Brighton and Harvard Avenues, emergency services later reported at 9:28 p.m. that the area was secured.

The city building commissioner will be traveling to the apartment today to decide whether it’s safe for the building’s residents to return. However, Boston University has offered housing assistance to the students who were involved. Additionally, the Dean of Students office confirmed that eight Boston University graduate students were displaced by the fire.

The fire has amassed $2 million in preliminary damages. While the Boston Fire Department effectively contained the situation, with no lives lost, they are still investigating how it started.


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