The New York Times Cliches (11/2)

On Tax Cuts, G.O.P.’s Math Won’t Add Up

A1/16, Paragraph 1, Thursday Paper

There is a math problem at the heart of the Republican Party’s protracted introduction of a sprawling tax bill, and it grows, in part, from President Trump’s two nonnegotiable demands.

Christie’s No.2, Long in His Shadow, Struggles to Find Her Own Identity

A18, Paragraph 22, Thursday Paper

The policy was the first crack in a relationship that would begin to sour, according to the former members of the Christie administration, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private matters.

This Time Was Terror. What About Las Vegas?

A20, Paragraph 5, Thursday Paper

As a result, terrorism is often in the eye of the beholder, determined as much by the attacker as by the community, which must decide whether the attack represents a broader threat requiring a response.


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