The New York Times Cliches- 11/16

As Mugabe Recedes, a Warning Ripples in Africa

A1/6, Paragraph 2, Thursday Paper

It echoed across a continent where the notion of the “big man” leader is defined equally by the lure of power in perpetuity and the risk that, one day, the edifice will crumble under the weight of its own decay.

Cliche: Under the weight

4 More Women Accuse Moore of Misconduct 

A1/16, Paragraph 6, Thursday Paper

And so a head-spinning afternoon and evening unfolded.

Cliche: Head-spinning

Senate Defection Casts Tax Plan In Uncertainty

A1/13, Paragraph 1, Thursday Paper

Uncertainty gripped the Senate on Wednesday over efforts to pass a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax cut after a Wisconsin Republican became the first to declare that he could not vote for the tax bill as written, and other senators expressed serious misgivings over the cost and effect on the middle class.

Cliche: Sweeping



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