The New York Times Cliches (11/23)

Two ‘Acting Directors,’ and One Skeptical Judge

A1/13, Paragraph 4, Thursday Paper

At a hurriedly called and packed-to-the-gills hearing, Judge Kelly voiced his concerns, noting that the lawyers for the president could not definitively say whether Ms. English was protected from losing her job.

Tax Wrangling Aims to Sweeten Gains of Wealthy

A1/14, Paragraph 1, Thursday Paper

The Republican tax bill hurtling through congress is increasingly tilting the United States tax code to benefit wealthy Americans, as party leaders race to shore up wavering lawmakers who are requesting more help for high-earning business owners.

General Is Given Control Of Venezuelan Oil Giant

A8, Paragraph 2, Thursday Paper

As the government wrestles with declining production and crushing debt amid an unrelenting economic crisis, the president cast the appointment as an attack on rampant corruption that has bled Pdvsa of profits and undermined its operations.


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