The New York Times Cliches (11/30)

Longtime Face of NBC’s ‘Today’ Is Fired as Complaints Multiply

A1/22, Paragraph 2, Thursday Paper

The downfall of Mr. Lauer, a presence in American living rooms for more than 20 years, adds to a head-spinning string of prominent firings over sexual harassment and abuse allegations.

Cliche: Head-spinning

Britain Doubles Its Cash Offer to E.U. in Brexit Talks 

A4, Paragraph 1, Thursday Paper

The proposition that Britain could have its cake and eat it during Brexit, as the foreign secretary Boris Johnson once said, was always dismissed as a fiction by opponents.

Cliche: Have its cake and eat it

Vatican on Defensive as Pope Wraps Up Myanmar Visit

A6, Paragraph 1, Thursday Paper

In his last full day in Myanmar, Pope Francis sought to pivot away from politics and the disappointment  over his decision to avoid mentioning the persecuted Rohingya Muslims and to find safer ground in Catholic liturgy and inter-religious dialogue.

Cliche: Find safer ground


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