Light and Dance Event Story

Students from the Boston University (BU) College of Fine Arts School of Theatre and the Department of Physical Recreation, Education & Dance delivered an intriguing show Monday night that explored the relationship between light, dance and movement.

The 16th annual event, entitled “AURORA BOREALIS 16: A Festival of Light and Dance,” attracted around 150 people and was co-artistic directed by Yo-EL Cassell and Micki Taylor-Pinney.

Before the performances began, the hosts instructed the audience to completely turn off their devices so that they’d be fully engaged with the many different acts that were to come.

The first performance, a solo act, featured choreographer Derek Martinez as he aimed to understand the true power of light. He wore a mask and walked with a limp as a spotlight reigned from the center of the stage. Though initially afraid of its effects, he became accustomed to its power after implementing several approaches to turning the light on and off.


Other performances included dancers maneuvering on aerial playgrounds, aerial silks dancers and collaborative dance groups—all of which seemed to emphasize that there could be no movement without dance, and no dance without light.

Following the event’s close, a couple of attendees weighed in, expressing how pleased they were with the performances presented.

Elena Thompson, a College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) junior and aerial dancer, said that although she normally attends the annual event, she particularly enjoyed the performances the School of Theatre had to offer.

“I’m a dancer and I’m also a part of the aerial classes at BU, so I wanted to check out the performance like I always do each year,” said Thompson. “I really [liked] the School of Theatre’s performances.”

Ivy Hedberg, a College of Communication senior, said that she especially enjoyed the aerial segments of the event.

“The aerial silks were super amazing to watch,” Hedberg said. “I have a friend who’s end to them also and they’re so amazing to look at.”


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