Visual Newstrack 3/1

Talia Herman-The Guardian

This article delves into the issue of homeless life in California. Described from the perspective of Leilani Farha, a UN special reporter on adequate housing, the story reveals the extent to which the homeless situation has increased in San Francisco. Written by Alastair Gee, the story also reveals that 7,500 homeless people were counted in the city last year and that the city had installed numerous sheds housing about 35 people on patches of gravel. The photos displayed in the article ultimately give it a stronger emotional appeal. The desktop version, as compared to the mobile version, is definitely more effective.

An article that could’ve benefitted from more visuals was one that discussed Portland’s gentrification issue. Although the first photo below the headline and the second photo toward the middle of the story are visually appealing, The Guardian should’ve included maybe two or three more photos that furthered the reader’s understanding of how significant the issue is in Portland.



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