Beyond Boston Strong Live Tweeting Event


Renowned journalists convened for a panel discussion amongst a relatively small audience Tuesday, April 10 at Suffolk University to discuss their experiences with the marathon that day and the journalistic work that spanned from the 2013 bombings.

The panelists included award-winning Boston Globe reporter David Abel, VICE writer Dave Wedge, independent journalist Susan Zalkind and photojournalist and Suffolk University professor Ken Martin. The event was hosted by The New England Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the discussion moderated by Jordan Frias, the president of the New England chapter.

The panel was especially intriguing in that it presented many different perspectives, experiences and lessons that the journalists had endured both leading up to, during and after the bombings.

Dave Abel said he covered the impact of the bombing for up to a year after it took place. He included that his main focus after the bombing was to focus more on the stories of the individuals who survived and less on the person behind the bombing.

Susan Zalkind said, when covering tragic events, it’s important to be in touch with the grief others are experiencing, while maintaining your duty as a professional reporter.

Later during the discussion while the panelists shared advice about reporting and journalism, Dave Wedge said that journalism is about much more than simply getting the story.

“It’s about human connection at the end of the day, and respect,” Wedge said.

Overall, the event was amazing in that it combined both separate and similar experiences from different journalists and writers into one powerful mission–to reflect upon and learn from the Boston Marathon bombings.




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