My name is Rickie Houston and I’m currently a junior studying journalism at Boston University. I’m originally from Wilmington, North Carolina. There, I grew up with an older sister and two parents who constantly pushed us to be our best. 

 People always ask why I decided to go all the way to Boston for school. I always tell them that it began in the seventh grade. I started playing hockey at the age of six and played in travel leagues throughout high school. In seventh grade, my English teacher gave us a project that required us to deliver an oral presentation on a college that we were interested in attending. She additionally required us to send the college’s admissions office a letter expressing our interest in their school. I chose to research and present on Boston University because I was a die-hard fan of their hockey team and was aware that they had excellent academic program. After writing their admissions office and delivering the presentation to our class, I received a letter in the mail two weeks later. Their admissions office had written me back saying that they’d appreciated my initiative in communicating my passion for BU. After that, I was set on BU. I diligently worked throughout middle and high school to get into that very university, and I did.

Although I don’t play hockey for BU, I’m pleased to be surrounded by an outstanding network of prestigious journalism and communications faculty members that constantly drive me to create better work. I’m happy that I can also contribute visual journalism to the written work I intend to do with my career. My dream is to work in print journalism as an investigative reporter. I love solving puzzles and mysteries as well as writing, so this dream career is simply my way of combining the two. I feel that my love for traveling and American politics will also definitely serve me well in my future position.